Brent R. Schofield

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Enjoy these free stories that you may download, print, and share with your friends.

Bonnie Kate And The Crab Patrol
An All Family story of a little girl and her encounter with the crab patrol.
This story is meant to be read to a small child. Use BIG expression. (March 2004 - 1170 words)

The Baby Monitor
(Suspense) For ages 12 to Adult. Bill and Jenny’s child is sick and no one knows why. Will they be able to find out what’s wrong in time or is the answer in the baby monitor. (July 2004 - 2150 words)

Spank The Cat
For ages 12 to Adult. A humorous off-beat story of a mechanic and his unusual house guest. (August 2004 - 3130 words)